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Over the years, the quality of rolling stock has improved to the point where they are now almost like the real thing including dinner settings on lamp-lit tables. However, the price of such RTR masterpieces has risen to reflect the high standard of workmanship and fidelity of these scale representations. Although the coaches available from established builders are superb and highly desirable scale models, they may well be beyond the financial reach of the first-time, gauge-one hobbyist and therefore unattainable as first-time rolling stock purchases. Models with fine detail and value must be treated with respect for they can be compromised if care is not exercised whenever such investments are run or handled. Accidents happen, especially in the hands of enthusiastic grandchildren. Not to mention the fact that many newcomers to the hobby do not have the ability to scratchbuild rolling stock let alone have the time to build kits, but are delighted to be involved in our garden railway hobby.

The 3D-Companions' Mark I coaches are designed for durability and draw inspiration from the early days of gauge one, such as the tinplate designs by Bassett Lowke of 1920 vintage. Hornby had similar products. These tinplate toys were durable and last even today in the hands of many proud collectors. The semi-scale approach worked well then by using lithographically printed tinplate coaches which represented a good and cost-effective way of providing models at affordable prices.

The 3D-Companion's "affordable" coach design uses the established principles of the tinplate toy, but combines the latest developments in materials such as blue styrene foam, laser-cut metal parts, laminated, reinforced fibreglass, printed vinyl and cast polyurethane resin.

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